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A healthcare communications agency with a very different approach

We believe that by involving healthcare professionals in our creative process we are able to deliver communication ideas that strongly resonate with the target audience.

This means effective launch campaigns, key message development, branding and all of the necessary tactics associated with creating a successful brand.

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The unspoken truth
In healthcare communications it seems to be quietly accepted that people with no healthcare experience or qualifications whatsoever work on communication for healthcare brands.

The majority of people working in healthcare creative agencies have never interacted professionally with a healthcare professional. How can they grasp the world these professionals live in or understand how they respond to messaging?

The Spoken truth
Our people are constantly interacting with healthcare professionals because healthcare professionals are part of our creative process. We believe that working together in this way builds selling campaigns that work.


At Spoken we involve healthcare professionals in our creative process because it delivers stronger campaigns.

Let’s be clear, this is completely different to market research, which asks questions before the client and agency team interpret the answers and then develop communications. This approach limits ideas to those the client and agency comes up with.

Instead, our approach inspires healthcare professionals to work with us to develop the sort of messaging and campaign ideas that would appeal to them and their colleagues.

In one elegant process we co-create messaging and campaigns that get results!


Our promotional campaigns are developed by healthcare professionals working in your therapy area and trained by us in the science of persuasion.

Our methodology is based on Nobel Prize winning science and has been extensively field-tested.

We get healthcare professionals involved in developing creative advertising concepts, message platforms and tactical items such as sales aids that help tell the story. Different doctors can then review the results if required.
No other agency does what we do.

Many claim to have a similar methodology but this normally turns out to be traditional advisory boards or attending traditional market research or simply an internal agency process. Our process of co-creation with healthcare professionals is very different and delivers better results.


We’ve helped third place entrants jump ahead of their second-place competitors, biosimilars jump ahead of their originator targets, expensive orphan drugs get traction when healthcare professionals didn’t see their point.

We’ve seen presentations full of conclusive data fail to move doctors when a simple conversation does.

We’ve worked in almost every specialty of medicine, on every continent, with doctors, nurses, pharmacists, marketers, medical affairs professionals, sales people and MSLs.

We’ve worked on primary care drugs, secondary care drugs, biosimilars, drug device combinations, orphan/ultra-orphan drugs and the very latest personalised medicines.

This keeps us learning every single day but we’ve already gained a good base of knowledge to build on.


If you can answer yes to any of the following questions why not get in touch?

  • Are you frustrated that your current agency doesn’t seem to know what will make healthcare professionals use your product?
  • Does it bother you that none of your agency team have ever sold a pharmaceutical product to a healthcare professional and most likely would not know where to start?
  • Are you troubled by that fact that none of the people generating your promotional campaign have ever spoken to a patient suffering from the condition your product treats?
  • Does it seem odd to you that none of your agency team have ever asked to meet your sales team or go out on a field visit? Does your current agency just seem a bit, well, how might we put it, insufficiently experienced for the task?

If you need a healthcare communications agency that can truly help you promote your brands to your healthcare professional customers, get in touch.

Even if you currently have an advertising agency who can deliver the executional parts well, we’re happy to work with them to help them to deliver better communication. In our experience, they normally enjoy the process! In fact, the more enlightened agencies have been known to include us as part of their team.


Spoken consists of an integrated team of smart, free-thinking individuals who work with healthcare professionals to discover the true purpose of your brand and how to communicate that to others.

We operate in a way that’s consistent to our four values.


to maintain an environment of teamwork and growth


courage to do things differently to shape the future


from working in an environment where people matter


being reasonable and level-headed at all times


We are privileged to work with some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

For reasons of confidentiality we do not list them on our website. Our clients range from some of the biggest to some of the smallest pharma companies in the world. They have brands that are generalist and brands that are specialist and even ultra-orphan. We have global, regional and local accounts, all over the world. To get a better feel for this and to be connected with our clients to get their view, speak to us


All our work starts with a conversation. Start yours by getting in touch.

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